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23 August 2019

The society SICCANOR

logoancienFounded in 1951, SICCANOR is specialised in manufacture fine chemicals. Our team of engineers and specialists appreciated in the whole world is the favorite partner in the avanced technology industry.
Quality in our research laboratory ensures you an irreproachable product, a guarantee of time and price. There are the assets: relability, availability witch make SICCANOR your best partner.


site-prod-21951 :  Setting up of the company by M. Raymond POTTIER, he specializes in siccatives
1975 :  Focus of new products,(aceylaceonates and alcoholates). Modernization of the work shops
1990 :  M. Raymond POTTIER transmit the company to his this three sons.
2002 :  Deposit of the buiding permit for the new plant construction.
2007 :  Start of the new site and move
2009 :  ISO 9001 Certification.

production siteOur plan of production is in Douchy les Mines in the Nord of France, with 30 reactors, having a capacity from 400 L to 10 000 L.
Our site has an integrated R & D center.
Fiability, security and reactivity allow us to supply in the world.
In order to satisfy our customers,  we offer a wide choice of packaging adapted to their needs.
In order to control the impacts, the environmental risks  SICCANOR  apply an effective policy for the sustainable development.

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